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Don't let others pull you into their storm,

Pull them into your peace.

Hi, my name is Marlene Cronin and I work as a Psychic Medium & Light Language Healing Channel. I have always been highly sensitive, intuitive and emphatic. I have seen and felt spirit and light beings since I was four years old. I could feel the energy from everyone around me, which was often overwhelming as a child.

My curiosity about spirit and all things metaphysical grew stronger and I read every book I could find. In 1987 when I was fourteen years old I began speaking light language in deep meditation. Lots of voices flowed through me and my hands were moving automatically. My body was twisting and contorting and I was terrified. I had no explanation for what was happening and it was a lonely journey, but I understand now that it was an initiation in trust, ‘A leap of faith’ so to speak.

I studied many healing modalities as I got older and would always feel familiar with the energy. When I used the light language in healing, people were blown away by its power and I knew this is what I came to do, this is my soul offering. Working with the light beings has transformed me in ways I can’t describe. I have become a very connected tuned in channel and this enhances my life and work in so many ways.

My work as a Quantum Channel/Medium allows me to connect with all those you love who have gone to spirit as well as your higher self, multidimensional selves, timelines and gifts.

My work fills me with gratitude and joy and I hope you feel this as we work together.


Healing for the terrified child within

Light Language

Light language healing is a powerful, ancient soul to soul connection. It helps clear blocks to love, joy, abundance and health. It works on a deep cellular level removing outworn patterns of behaviour, memories and childhood trauma that you may be subconsciously carrying. Past life issues may bleed through into the present timeline causing problems that recur until the energy is cleared.
Light language healing clears these timelines and allow you to experience greater freedom, lightness and well being..If you feel stuck and unsure of your life path this profound healing clears the confusion and allows clarity to surface..It activates your dormant gifts and renews your passion for life
If you're interested in changing your life for the better..Pm to get started..I do one to one and distance healing


The Spirit Seer Services

As soon as you pay for a session you need to contact me through email or Facebook messenger to create an appointment. Please include your Skype name or Facebook messenger link and time zone. Please be mindful of daylight savings for your timezone when making your appointment. Looking forward to working with you.

Light Language Healing

Light language codes are a quantum technology that act as a key to unlock your highest potential. These light codes activate your divine blueprint and awaken dormant gifts and talents. 

This is an incredibly powerful, deeply transformative healing. Light coded information enters your cells and transmutes old traumas, blocks, limiting beliefs and bleed through from other timelines. I act as a channel for light-beings to speak and move through me, transmuting and clearing what needs to go. It changes and transforms you at a cellular level, it is incredibly potent medicine.

Psychic/Mediumship Reading

I connect to your higher self and guides, to access answers to questions you may have about your soul path / career / love life or any area you wish to explore.

If you wish to connect to loved ones in spirit I will channel messages from the spirit world, to reassure you that your loved ones are happy and at peace and very much involved in your life from the other side.

You can combine both if you choose this is all about you. I want you to go forward feeling empowered, uplifted and excited about your life and future.

Reading / LL Healing   Combination

This service combines the power of light language and intuitive mediumship. This is a sacred and powerful channelling that will transform you at a deep level. Using my intuitive abilities we will shine a light on any issue you want clarity on and explore where you are energetically. Then the light language healing will clear, transmute and activate your dormant power so that you can live your best life.

What to expect in a light language healing session?

We begin by chatting about the areas you would like addressed. Then I get you to relax on your couch or bed and I guide you through a short meditation to put you into a receptive relaxed state.

I will then begin to channel the light beings who may sing, chant, hum, tone or click through me. Whatever blocks, entities, anger, sadness, grief or negative energy that needs to go, will then be moved through my body, cleared and transmuted by me. This may present through me as crying, retching, loud exhales, panic breathing, etc.


As it is moved through, the light beings speak again until a rhythm of clearing and speaking begins to flow. Most clients usually feel transported, calm and experience colours, temperature changes and/or energy moving in their bodies.


Afterward it is common to feel sleepy, blissful or hungry and wired. Everyone experiences it in their own way. After the session we have a brief chat about what we experienced and I give advice as to how best to integrate this powerful energy.


"I am constantly amazed at the accuracy and compassion in which Marlene delivers what you are meant to receive. Her vision offers loving and practical insight to what the Angels and Spirit world want you to know. I will support this lovely lady in offering her a 5 star recommendation but you yourself must be open and willing to receive what she has to say. Thank you Marlene"

Toni Hennessy

"There aren't strong enough words for me to convey the healing energy that Marlene emits!☆♡☆ I was sent to her in divine timing and I have no doubt BIG things are going to happen as a result of the healing I received. Marlene tunes into energy in astounding ways, and holds space in a beautiful caring way. SO grateful, I'm very picky about who I go to for readings & this by far has been an amazing experience I will cherish♡♡ Thank you Marlene♡"

Claire Marie

"It takes a lot to surprise me, but once in a while it happens, this is one of those occasions. 
Marlene Cronin has my biggest and most heartfelt recommendations ❤️
So ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ great stars from me"

Pianna Dunson

"Not only is Marlene a powerful Medium/Psychic and Healer, but she delivers her message with Passion, empathy and WOW! I have had many readings in the past from others and being a Psychic Medium myself I'm very picky who I allow to read for me. Marlene gives you a no nonsense, inspirational and empowering reading. Thanks Marlene, you are an amazing gift to the world. I highly recommend Marlene for anyone who wants to get to the truth and be shown their strength and value!!"

Olgga Fienco

"I had a spiritual healing session with Marlene last week and can't recommend her highly enough. The channelled healing she brought through has cleared blockages that were stuck for years. Two of my friends are going to see her soon from what they have seen from me. Marlene is a very powerful healer and I would recommend her to anyone with a health challenge. Go see her today!"

Cathy Collins


"I use great discernment when choosing to work with practitioners and am very fortunate to have many friends who are psychics and healers, yet I felt guided to have a session with Marlene. From the moment we connected I knew that she was working from the heart with the utmost of integrity which is very important for me. Marlene was spot on with her card reading and was incredibly insightful with highlighting issues in my family life that needed healing. Marlene channels spirit with the utmost of grace and purity and her words are encouraging and supportive. She gives great practical advice as well as bringing forth clarity on areas in your life where you may feel stuck or overwhelmed. Her light language is very powerful at removing any obstacles that may be blocking you from stepping into your power. If you feel drawn to have a session with Marlene, go for it! Put yourself first and allow her to work her magic as she guides you to see the beauty and wisdom that we each hold within."

Emer Quintero

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